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Mistakes you can make in drinking water.

While drinking water seems like a simple and straightforward task, there are a few mistakes that people can make when it comes to their water consumption.

See some common  mistakes to avoid:

1-Drinking too much water :

Drinking too much water may be unhealthy, especially when you force yourself to drink a large amount of water, without ingesting the electrolytes needed to offset this excess amount of water.

I know, more experts advise the importance of drinking plenty of water constantly, as is the most important thing of all, and you should drink 3,7 L of water every day. But this is only valid if you are constantly working out and sweating and eating the electrolytes.

Drinking plenty of water leads to diluting electrolytes and sodium and this may cause hyponatremia, which is a form of dehydration.

I am not opposed to drinking water, but rather I recommend drinking the right amount of it, and feeling thirsty is the most important indicator for drinking water.

But if you are a kidney stone patient, you should drink 2,5L every day to reduce urine concentration. When you drink a sufficient quantity of water the formation of stones would be impossible.

2-Drinking water quickly :

Drinking water quickly may hinder blood sodium from the equation of this large amount of water. Make the balance between the fluid inside and outside the cells from the tasks of the sodium.

And drinking water quickly may be led to some swelling, especially if the amount of water is large because the sodium in this situation enters the cells very quickly, which causes fluid imbalance.

So you should drink water slowly.

3-Drinking while eating :

Drinking water while eating may dilute the digestive juice, which causes a weakening of the ability to digest, especially protein digestion. So, I advise you not to drink too much water when eating, prefer to drink it 30 min after or before eating, if you feel thirsty while eating, try to drink just a little bit of water.

4-Drinking gold water :

Probably, drinking a large amount of water may hinder vagus nerve function, and this is wrong.

Especially if your digestive système is weak, as in cases of frequent bloating and digestion problems, then drinking a lot of cold water can slow down the vagus nerve responsible for digestion.

5-Drinking water after showering :

The shower cleans the body and helps to relax, the muscles relax when taking a shower, and this is what causes them to be exposed to the shock, that a person drinks water at the time, and also causes corruption in the body îs organs and premature aging, so you have to drink water immediately after taking a shower.

6-Drinking water standing up :

It is not recommended to drink water while standing, Because the position of your body can cause damage to the water you drink.

If you were to drink water while standing You will drink faster, and thus more oxygen enters your body. This situation can cause deterioration of the internal tissues of the stomach over time, and because the stomach contains acids, it defies ulcers.

7-Waking up at night and drinking water :

Some people are accustomed to drinking water during sleep, but drinking water at night is harmful to health. Drinking water during sleep affects brain functions negatively, so you should reduce drinking water during sleep or prevent it at all.

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