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Signs Your Cat is Lonely ( He wants a partner )

in this article, we’re going to tell you five signs that your cat is lonely, cats are independent by nature, they groom themselves feed themselves can even take care of themselves better than most domestic animals. But the truth is cats are just like us they crave companionship, and if they’re left alone too often for even hours or even days, they can experience the same things we do loneliness depression, and anxiety so if your cat is lonely they won’t come right up to you and tell you, but there are five signs that you can look for that can give you a good indication that your cat is lonely. So let’s get started with number one the first sign that your cat :

1-Over-Grooming :

lonely cats frequently pull out their fur or groom themselves excessively, cats are naturally meticulous groomers, but if your cat’s grooming regimen begins to border on obsessive-compulsive behavior, it may be a signs your cat is lonely that he’s feeling a little too lonely. So watch this and ensure you understand the difference between normal grooming and over-grooming. And if you see them over-grooming which you can tell pretty easily then it may be time for a companion, it may be time for another cat or it may be time for a dog something for your cat to look forward to having as a companion outside of just you as the owner.

2-Excessive Vocalization :

 that your cat is lonely is that they have excessive vocalization. Some kiddies are talkative by nature but if your normally quiet cat suddenly becomes super chatty, it may be his way of saying, he needs a little bit more attention or companionship, loud incessant vocalization is a pretty good clue that loneliness may be an issue. Your cat may be looking for a companion, now if your cat begins to be over-talkative don’t panic right away that they’re lonely, it just may be a case that they’re getting smarter and wiser and know how to get your attention, but if this keeps up and it’s definitely persistent make sure you talk to a vet to see if there’s something you can do, and it may just be a case of them needing a companion.

3-Litter Box Issues :

Your cat may be lonely in litter box issues, and anytime your cat doesn’t go the bathroom well, there’s always cause for concern, and in this case, it could be a companionship issue. If your cat is spraying or squatting outside the litter box it’s always a good idea to check for medical issues first since this may be a symptom of kidney or urinary tract problems, however, your kitty may be trying to tell you something, if they have a clean bill of health, your cat may have been marking as a way to communicate their displeasure at being left alone, this is especially true if you find that he’s going the bathroom on things with your scent such as bedding or clothing. So overall anytime your cat has a problem going the bathroom or not doing it correctly, you always want to make sure you talk to your vet first but keep in mind they could be lonely and it could be the issue that you’re seeing.

4 – Aggressive Behavior

 Be Lonely If you are aggressive, lonely cats sometimes behave when they know  their person is getting ready to go out. They know that they’re about to be alone if your kitty becomes aggressive or hostile when you’re on their way out, he’s not trying to get rid of you he’s telling you that he wants more time with you, so your cat could want more time with someone or something so if you’re not around a lot, it could be a great idea to get your cat another companion. So look for aggressive behavior when your cat suddenly turns on you or is acting in a way that’s suspicious or weird because of how angry and upset they are getting.

5-destructiveness :

Lonely cats are bored cats and are masters at finding ways that are both creative and destructive enough to keep their minds occupied. Cats may move or break things to keep you occupied or to get your attention if your cat has decided to make a mess on your couch, climb curtains, or destroy toilet paper. went in search of employment. Keep this in mind when you are struggling at home and it may be time for your cat to find a companion as she may be feeling lonely. We hope you have enjoyed this article about cats and being alone with your cat.

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