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Secrets about the things your Cats love

As a cat lover, you can agree that cats make wonderful pets. But it’s no secret that they do things their way. Some people may carry the notion that cats are too independent and snobbish and tend to hate everything. But just like humans, cats have things that they hate and things that they love, and if you want to have a close bond with your cat. You need to know what they love, it’s easy to know what your cats hate because you might have seen them hissing cringing or running away. But what about the things that they love? what are the things that make cats happy relaxed and calm?

 In this article, you will find a list of 14 things that cats love. 

 Secrets about the things your cat loves:

1-Cats love taking naps :

If you have a cat then you know that cats love to sleep. I don’t wonder if there is a nap named after them (the catnap). Cats are known to sleep for an average of 12 to 16 hours per day. And this is quite normal for them because our feline friends are nocturnal animals. So they snooze most of the day away. However, not every cat sleeps for over 12 hours. Some sleep more, some cats even sleep up to 20 hours in a day. So we can safely conclude that cats love to sleep. But why do cats need to sleep so much?

Well, they can conserve the energy they need to hunt Chase and catch their next meal. As you might guess hunting takes up a lot of energy. So you might want to catch your furry friend some slack when they take more than half the day to sleep. I mean who doesn’t love a long cozy nap?

2-Cats love grooming:

this might come as a surprise to some people, but did you know that cats spend about half of their waking hours grooming? If you didn’t know cats love to groom themselves and they dedicate about 30 to 50min percent of their day to it. But it’s for good reason. For one grooming helps keep them clean. if you have a cat you may have noticed that its tongue feels like sandpaper and that’s because cat’s tongues have tiny hooks that serve as a comb when they lick their fur. Through grooming, cats remove dirt and grime from their bodies. And also prevent predators and prey from detecting them. Cats also love to groom because it keeps their skin healthy when grooming. They spread natural oils produced from their body to keep their coats shiny and hydrated. Plus grooming makes cats feel relaxed and helps them to cool off on hot and sunny days. With this much grooming, it’s no surprise that cats are considered clean animals.

3-Cats love scratching:

Cats love clawing. It is completely natural for cats to keep their claws sharp. Seeing as it is their main weapon. How do you think they do that? By scratching and clawing. Scratching not only helps keep your feline’s claws sharp, but it also helps to keep their nails healthy by removing the dead outer nail husk. It’s like adding a personal pedicure session. Another reason cats love to scratch is because it feels good and it helps them to relieve stress. It also helps give them the chance to stretch which strengthens their upper body muscles. And helps them mark their territory so other animals know to stay away.

4-Cats love high spots:

If you have always wondered, why your cat loves to climb to high spots. Cats love high spots not just because they want to show off their climbing capabilities. But because high ground makes them feel safe. Cats are always on the lookout for attacks. So they prefer to climb to Higher Grounds, they can scout their surroundings and be able to see what is going on. Climbing to high spots for a cat is a way to stay out of trouble, then take safety precautions. So if you own a cat you can add to their adventure by putting up a cat tree or maybe some cat shelves it will give your cat the chance to feel like, They’re in charge as they monitor their Turf from above.

5-Cats love running water:

If you own a cat, then you might have seen them try to drink from running Taps, whenever they get a chance. And this is not just because running faucets are fascinating to cats. Cats actually love running water because it’s instinctual for them. They have learned from their wildcat ancestors that Stillwater likely carries bacteria, which leads to sickness.  Cats have been naturally drawn to running water because it tends to be the cleanest option. The good news is there are a lot of drinking fountains that have been designed especially for cats. They always have fresh running water. You can get one of these fountains for your feline friend.

6-Cats love daily playtime

Like everything that cats love and hold deer such as sleeping or grooming, playtime is a serious business for cats. luckily it doesn’t take much to keep a cat entertained. For instance, it’s a well-known fact that cats love laser pointers. For some reason, these guys just love the thrill of chasing an elusive red dot. No one can really explain why, but that’s not all cats love to play with cats. Will readily play with about anything from lint to a ball of yarn to all kinds of toys. Anyway, play time for cats is important, because it keeps them exercised engaged, and happy.

As a cat parent, you need to make out at least 30 minutes every day to play with your pet. Fortunately, there are thousands of cat toys on the market to make your playtime with your cat more interesting.

7-Cats love watching birds:

It should not be surprising that cats love to observe. Might have noticed your cat watching birds and squirrels. For them it is premium entertainment especially if they have access to a window. There are a couple of reasons animal experts believe cats love to watch Birds. For one cats find the movement of birds fascinating, and more importantly, cats consider Bird’s prey. Now you see why cats can literally spend hours just observing Birds every day. Still while bird watching might be fun for your cat, it could also hurt their skin from staying too long in the sun. Maybe consider limiting your cat’s tie next to the window, so your furry friend can stay healthy while having fun.

8-Cats love fresh food:

Like humans, cats don’t want to eat stale or spoiled food. That’s probably when you’ll see them cringing or running away. Stale or spoiled food doesn’t just taste bad, but it can grow more or host multiple types of bacteria. Beyond your cat’s preferences for health reasons always feed your cat fresh food. Before serving your furry friend, always check the expiration dates in both wet and dry food. Also avoid leaving wet food out for more than a few hours or dry food for more than a day. This way you can keep your cat eating fresh every time and staying healthy.

9-Cats love their humans:

Cats are often depicted as solitary animals that are independent in cold loners. Just like other pets, cats need love attention and companionship and they love to get it from their humans. It might come as a surprise to you that cats love spending time with their humans, but they do. It’s just that as classy animals. They are more subtle about it than dogs. But have you noticed your cat purring, putting its head on you sleeping on you or near you meowing licking or sticking its butt in your face. That’s your cat’s way of letting you know that they want to spend time with you. so why not show her that you love her too by spending time with her in return.

10-Cats love boxes:

If you own a cat then you have probably seen it curl up into a box. They do this for one main reason, and that is for security. You see boxes have confined spaces and small spaces help cats feel safe and secure to them. Being in an enclosed space like a box is all the safety they need from external attacks. For some reason, they believe that nothing can get to them as long as they are protected inside a box. Even house cats that are not in any danger still love small spaces such as boxes and drawers, and that’s because it’s instinct for them. You can help your cat feel secure by leaving out a few boxes for your furry friend to snuggle up in.

11-Cats love routine:

Unlike humans who can just decide to go with the flow and see where the wind takes them. Cats are creatures of habit. They love to follow a laid out routine. This means that if you have been feeding your furry friend at seven in the morning. They expect to eat every morning at 7am, no matter what. Naturally cats are more active at dawn and dusk. If you want to keep your cat happy, you can plan their routine when they are most active and stick to it. if you don’t then you should maybe start getting used to being woken up by your cat.

12-Cats love music:

Cats love calm and soothing music. In fact some researchers at Louisiana State University discovered that when cats are stressed, maybe buy a visit to the vet. You can calm them by playing music that’s specifically made for cats. Some other researchers found that cats love classical music, because it makes them calmer. As a cat parent you might want to look into some cat music or classical songs that your cat would love.

13-Cats love sunbathing:

Cats love nothing more than lazing around in the sun. When sun is out and the temperature is just right. Cats will seize every opportunity to catch some rays. For cats sunbathing is their way of bringing the temperature of the environment, closer to the temperature of their bodies. Without having to generate the heat themselves. This is why as a pet owner you might want to keep your cat’s bed near warm and sunny spots, so that they are always warm. You could also throw in some soft blankies as well so they can snuggle up and keep really toasty.

14-Cats love being pet:

Although cats can be very independent and like to have their own space. I also love attention from their humans and they love being pet. Her cat’s petting is just like grooming which is why they love it so much. Usually cats prefer that you pet them or brush their fur, others prefer to be groomed around the chin cheek, between the eyes and ears and around the base of the tail. This naturally comforts your furry friend which is why they love being pet or rugged by their humans.

Respect your cat’s individuality and preferences, and be sure to provide them with proper care, attention, and a safe and comfortable environment. Over time, you’ll likely see your cat grow closer to you and enjoy a more loving and fulfilling relationship.

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